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ignore me

2012-03-16 17:15:10 by FoxBoyZero

just leave the this page nothing special here.

Looking back

2010-10-11 12:04:36 by FoxBoyZero

I have only recently become slightly more active in NG. when I look back at my previous posts, I cant help but think about how arrogant I made myself look. I guess I was overzealous or something.

I intend to make another Cosmic Rune sometime soon. Geometric art is rather easy to make, but still impressive in it's own right. This time I think I will go a step further, and use a more circular design.

Cosmic rune

2010-05-26 21:11:03 by FoxBoyZero

Do to the fact that I tried to google my master piece cosmic rune (formerly known as cosmic ruin do to spelling errors) I learned that the crap mmo runescape (aka runecrap) allready took the name cosmic rune. I am open for suggestions, but for now I don't think they have cosmic rune registered.

PS: pardon the cursing above

The pefect free to play mmmo

2010-05-01 17:24:02 by FoxBoyZero

I am looking for the perfect (or near perfect) free to play mmorpg.

the conditions are:

1. descent (fairly large) map size
2. no stupid click and wait for someone to die, combat system.
3. dramatic and exciting story (optional but preferred)
4. no age restriction. I'm 16 (yet i do play M rated games).
5. decent graphics
6. SCI-FI (optional but preferred)
7.not in beta or development

So any ideas???

<deleted> by FBZ

2010-02-02 16:36:21 by FoxBoyZero

<deleted> by FBZ

Waht will happen?

2010-01-06 21:26:31 by FoxBoyZero

For the first time I blew the whistle on a submission> I sure hope i was right to do that
I Claimed that the submission was stolen from

it was Monster Truck Curfew

its been a wile

2009-12-26 02:25:35 by FoxBoyZero

OK its been a wile since I updated this. I might not the previous might not be true anymore and I realized I cant afford to make machinima. and I got really depressed (not over the machinima thing) so I joined wizard 101. my characters name is Seth Nightblade. I'm level 34 or higher depending on when you read the way someone made a comment on my last post. so id just like to say WHAT THE HELL IS THE SQUIRREL LEGION!!!!??????

Me > Armor games

2009-12-07 03:02:55 by FoxBoyZero

I just found out I have more voting power than ArmorGames Take that ArmorGames

Me the future machinamist.

2009-11-27 00:58:15 by FoxBoyZero

I'm a Basically a future machinamist. I'm going to make super Mario 64 machinima.

Q: Why the heck did I sign up for newgrounds then

A1: If it isn't against newground rules I might use flash for advertising.

A2: I like the site (:

For those of you who don't know what machinima is; it's a web show using ROMs and a bunch of software like fraps.

I plan to revolutionize it, set records, and make machinima a household word!

Me the future machinamist.