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No Time to Explain No Time to Explain

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dino mode

the games great but..... next time, could you create a way to reverse your easter eggs.

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I-smel responds:


Line Runner 2 Line Runner 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The New Santa TIP

This technically in not a review, but I noticed people are having a hard time with my level. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEAT. To win you have to Know how gravity affects Line runner. At the final stretch, move in a wave. When you move the brush UP, Line Runner must be UPSIDE DOWN. when you move the brush DOWN, Line Runner must RIGHT SIDE UP. Do this, and you should keep him at around 25 kmp.

Thermoplastique: TheGame3 Thermoplastique: TheGame3

Rated 0 / 5 stars

the guys nuts

don't give this guy too many stars or good votes. He is stubborn and has been uploading the same quality of work again and again. Each time he uploads he calls it "genius". And the worst part he is unwilling to improve. So no matter how much constructive criticism we give him, he will accept none. This is identical to his so called second game. All he did was change the "characters", and they are less original than last time. What we need to do is ether try to get it in his head that his "idea" is not working, or ignore him completely.

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longboard2live responds:

Good strategy. It's genius.

Satanorium Satanorium

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I normally get decent IQ scores. But even I was stupid enough to press Tab.
He did not put the "Tab has no effect" anti tab system. Instead he put something........far....far...worse.

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Tower of Heaven Tower of Heaven

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My message

I made a level with a message that must be read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ff0c10011107012d000000000000000000000 3010003040003050003060003080003090003 0a00030c00030d00030e0003dc0003dd0003d e0003e70003ee0003ef0003f00003f10003f2 0003fa0003000103020103040103060103080 1030a01030d01036301036701038601038701 03880103890103de0103e70103ee0103f4010 3f50103f60103f70103f90103fa0103fb0103 fd01100002030102030402030502030602030 802030a02030d02031802031b02031e02031f 0203200203230203240203250203270203410 2034202034302034a02034c02034d02034e02 035502045602035702035802035902035b020 3640203660203710203720203730203780203 8002038102038202038302038902039702039 80203ab0203dc0203dd0203de0203e10203e2 0203e30203e50203e60203e70203ee0203f00 203f10203f20203f40203f70203fa02031803 031a03031b03031c03031e030324030327030 32b03032c03032d0303300303310303340303 3503033603033c03033d03033f030a4103034 603034a03034d03035703035b03035f030360 03036103036503036b03036c03036e03036f0 3037303037803037a03037b03037c03038003 0386030387030388030389030392030393030 39403039703039d03039e03039f0303a10303 a30303a70303aa0303ab0303ac0303dc0303d e0303e10303e30303e50303e70303ee0303f2 0303f40303f70303fa030300041d1804031b0 4031e04031f04032004032404032704032804 032904032b04032c04032d040330040332040 33404033504033604033804033a04033c0403 4104034204034304034504034704034a04034 d04035704035b04035c04035d04035f040360 04036104036504036b04036d04036f0403710 4037204037304037604037704037804037a04 037b04037c040380040382040383040386040 38904038c0403900403920403930403940403 9704039804039e0403a10403a20403a30403a 60403a80403ab0403dc0403dd0403de0403df 0403e10403e30403e50403e60403e70403ee0 403ef0403f00403f10403f20403f40403f504 03f60403f70403fa040300050301050302050 3030503050514120504130504140504150504 17050a1805031b05032005032405032705032 905032b05033005033205033405033805033a 05033d0503410503440503450503460503470 50348050a4a05034d05035705035b05035d05 035f05036505036b05036d05036f050371050 37305037605037805037a0503800503830503 8605038905038c05038d05038f05039005039 205039805039e0503a10503a20503a30503a5 0503a60503a70503a80503a90503ab0503000 6030506030606030706031806031b06031e06 031f06032006032406032706032906032b060 32c06032d0603300603310603340603350603 3606033906033c06033d06034106034406034 806034a06034d06035706035b06035d06035f 06036006036106036506036b06036d06036f0 6037106037206037306037406037606037706 037806037a06037b06037c060380060381060 382060383060384060a860603870603880603 8906038a06038c06038e06039006039206039 306039406039706039806039e0603a10603a3 0603a50603a90603ab0603d90603da0603000 70302070303070304070f0507030707031307 03140703150703af0703b30703c30703d3070 3d40703d50703d90703db0703dc0705dd0703 e0070ae10703f10703f20703f30703fd071e0 0080301080302080303080305080306080307 08030908030a0803100803110803140803af0 803b10803b30803b50803b60803b70803b908 03bb0803bd0803be0803bf0803c20803c3080 3c40803cf0803d00803d10803d50803d90803 de0803e00803eb0803ec0803ed0803ef0805f 10803f90803fa0803fc0803fd0803fe080309 09030c09030d09030e0903100903140903af0 903b10903b30903b50903b60903b70903b909 03ba0903bd0903be0903bf0903c30903c5090 3c60903c70903c90903ca0903cb0903cf0903 d00903d10903d30903d40903d50903d90903d a0903db0903df0903e50903e70903e90903eb 0903ec0903ed0903f10903f20903f30903f50 903f60903f70903f90903fd09030a0a030c0a 030e0a03100a03110a03140a03af0a03b10a0 3b30a03b50a03b90a03bd0a03c30a03c50a03 c70a03c90a03cb0a03cf0a03d30a03d50a03d b0a03df0a03e50a03e70a03e90a03eb0a03f3 0a03f50a03f70a03f90a03fa0a03fd0a03030 b05040b03050b05060b06070b05080b06090b 030a0b030c0b030d0b030e0b03100b03140b0 3180b0aaf0b03b00b03b10b03b20b03b30b03 b60b03b70b03b90b03be0b03bf0b03c30b03c 50b03c60b03c70b03c90b03ca0b03cb0b03d0 0b03d10b03d30b03d40b03d50b03d60b03d80 b03d90b03da0b03df0b03e60b03e70b03e80b 03eb0b03ec0b03ed0b03f10b03f20b03f30b0 3f50b03f60b03f70b03f90b03fd0b03|A message to gamers and devs|FoxBoyZero|I refuse to let it happen to me! This industry went the wrong way. Now Im lost in Time. Dont Go Soft!!!!|

Effing Worms Effing Worms

Rated 5 / 5 stars


YES 9TH PLACE, I GOT 9th PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binary Binary

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I must be smart

Not to brag but I finished, in about 1/3 of the time it took Jombo1 to finish

And he is right the ending could use some work.

Gravity based movement Gravity based movement

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I MADE A LVL 210 MONSTER then it got killed

also I noticed that when there is only one your mouse a has a pull

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Moovlin PC Moovlin PC

Rated 5 / 5 stars

medals > gameplay

I do enjoy good gameplay, BUT WITH THAT MANY MEDALS WHO CARES


Papa Louie Papa Louie

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The more I play this, the more hungry I get. does papa louie deliver?

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